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Please read the title and description carefully and make sure our product matches your device before purchase.


What payment methods are accepted?

PayPal, Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) and Bank Transfer are accepted at the secured checkout page.

What's my Android device model?

Samsung has a wide range of tablets and mobile phones and it is very common to get confused. But to order the correct case/cover, you have to clearly know the model number of your device. Other Android manufactures (like HTC, Google, etc) also have quite a few devices. But the way to find out the model number is quite similar.

How-to: go to the system Settings, and then go to "About Device", then you should find the Model Number. Here is a YouTube video for that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwY1MOrVA2M


What's my iPad device version?

Please follow this instruction to determine that: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201471 


How to install tempered glass screen protectors?

This YouTube video shows how to install it on mobile phone, but it is very similar to installation on tablets.


How can I install the shockproof case with *straight handle*?

Cases with straight handles don't have the slots at the back so it needs some tips to install it properly. Please follow this YouTube video to try.


Why the smart case/cover can't put my iPad (Air) into sleep or auto-wakeup?

The device may have this feature disabled. Please check if this is the reason.

The auto lock/unlock feature can be turned on/off in Settings > General > iPad Cover Lock / Unlock .
Details here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5550767


My iPad bluetooth keyboard can't connect? (Instructions for bluetooth keyboard usage)

Bluetooth keyboards must first pair up with your iPad or other tablets before use. Please follow below detailed instructions to get it working:

  1. Switch on the bluetooth keyboard from top right (can be at the bottom for some models). You should be able to see the power light turned on. If you haven't seen it, please charge the keyboard with the provided cable. Note that the power light may not be flashing all the time and it may go off shortly.
  2. Press the little button labelled "Connect"/"Link" on top right (can be at the bottom for some models). If the light is off on keyboard, you may need to switch off the keyboard and start it over again from step 1. If no actions are taken, the light can go off to save power.
  3. After "Connect"/"Link" button is pressed, the Bluetooth light should be flashing.
  4. Go to your iPad/iPhone or other phones/tablets and make sure the bluetooth is enabled. Search in the scanned bluetooth device list and you should be able to see that "bluetooth keyboard" entry (or named slightly different). If you still can't see it after a while, you can either scan again or switch off the keyboard and start it over from step 1.
  5. Click on that keyboard entry.
  6. After a short while, you will be prompt with a dialog on your tablet/phone showing 4 (for iPhone/iPad) or 6 digits (for Samsung). Type in the digits and hit ENTER as instructed with your bluetooth keyboard to complete the pairing. For some keyboard cases, you may not need to input the PIN code and it will pair automatically.
  7. If paired successfully, you will see the entry shows status as "Connected"/"Link" so you can use the keyboard now. If you saw message showing failed to pair up, you will need to try again.
  8. After it has been paired up, for the future use, it will be directly connected to your device after switched on. Try pressing "Connect"/"Link" button if not.


My bluetooth keyboard can only connect the 1st time, but can't connect after that?

You only need to click "Connect" button for the 1st time to pair the device and the keyboard. Once that's done, you don't need to click "Connect" button again. Clicking on that more than once will let the keyboard disconnect the device. The keyboard should automatically connect after switched on if it is in the range. 

To resolve this issue, please try to forget that device pair on iPad and start it all over again (turn off & on bluetooth feature and the bluetooth keyboard).


Is everything in stock?

Yes. We keep 100% of our stock locally at our warehouse in Melbourne, VIC.


Which courier company will be shipping my items?

All online orders are delivered by Australia Post.


Why can't I find the shipmeng details from AusPost website with the tracking number? 

AusPost sometimes will only update the tracking when the items arrived at the dispatch centre. Please be patient and we normally don't see items missing.

How long does it take for you to reply my emails?

We will respond to your emails within 24 business hours. Fast customer service is what we are aiming for.


My items are damaged when I received it. What can I do?

Please accept our sincere apologies if this ever happens, and we offer free returns if it is truly our fault.

Our products are all brand-new, and we will do thorough visual check before shipping. Sometimes unfortunately, it may be damaged during delivery.

If the item can’t work well, please check twice to confirm that is defective and contact our customer service ASAP within 1 week (counting from the day it is delivered to your nominated address). Please give us the detailed problems to help us identify. We can proceed from there.


Why hasn't my order arrived yet?

Australia Post requires 15 working days (from the postal date) before they consider an item lost. Also, you may check with your local Post Office to see if they are holding the parcel.

  • Your item will be dispatched to the address used during checkout.
  • We are not responsible for items sent to an incorrectly supplied address.
  • We are not responsible for items you forget to collect in time from Australia Post.

Alternatively you can contact Australia Post directly. Please check its website for details. 


* myCaseCovers™ reserves the final interpretation of above policy.



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