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Fix Colour Selection Issue

Fix Colour Selection Issue

Some clients have issues selecting colours on specific browser or device (e.g. on iPad). Below tips might work for you:

  1. Try clicking on colour box for multiple times. It is a known issue that on iPhone/iPad/iPod, you need to click on the colour box TWICE to select the colour. The 1st click will bring up the preview box, and the 2nd does the selection and the third click will dismiss the selection.
  2. Refresh the product page and wait for it to be loaded completely. Then do the colour selection.
  3. Try to wait for a big longer after you clicked the colour box. In most cases, after the colour is clicked, a new product image will be sent from the server and it takes a bit time to load. Colour will only be selected after the image is fully loaded.
  4. Try another browser or device. One client can't get it working with any browsers on iPad but immediately working with her Samsung Tablet. Popular browser candidates are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera, etc.

A grey box will show around the clicked colour to indicate it has been selected. If still not working, please contact us and also let us know your device model and browser.



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