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Bulk Discount

Bulk Discount

If you want to make a bulk purchase (more than 6 items), please contact us for a discount (using [Bulk Order] in the subject line). The price is 10% GST inclusive. 

Purchase Orders from public schools and government agencies are accepted.


Please let us know the following information: 

  1. What product do you want? It would be extremely helpful if you could provide the product link or SKU. 

  2. How many units do you want? 

  3. What are your preferred colours?

  4. When do you want them to be delivered?


We are more than happy to send you a quote or a tax invoice. Thank you for your support!




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*** Real devices are not included in the listed item. Styluses and other accessories are not included in the listed item unless explicitly marked. Samsung S Pen is not included in the case products.